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Originally Posted by want4rain View Post
have you tried a whole chicken back?? you mentioned he may be allergic to it... but would you feel comfortable giving it a try?? Mister doesnt mind eggs if they are mixed in with ANYTHING to give it some consistency but will not eat it straight up.

I wish I could, since chicken is the cheapest and easiest thing to find! He really is allergic to it though - in kibble, cooked, and raw forms. Anything related to chicken and chicken fat makes him quite ill in a very different way than his usual pukeys.

He does love other meats though, but I think I'll end up having to cook them and slowly wean him off the cooking, just keep making them more and more rare until he gets used to it.

I'm sure the holistic vet will give us a bit more guidance on some of this, too (hopefully, since they cost so darn much... although just as I typed that, he jumped up on my lap and stretched forward to give me kisses, so I guess the money is well worth it).
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