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Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post
He'll eat meat cooked rare/medium, loves his steak and pork chops and lamb chops done that way, so maybe I have to work him into it from that end and just keep cooking his food less and less.

I should feed chicken even though he's allergic to it (they believe that no dog is truly allergic to anything other than preservatives in dry food), and simply starve him until he eats the raw. According to them, dogs can go 23 days without eating so I should just let him go as long as it takes.

Wish me luck - I'm really interested to see what the holistic vet has to say about all of this!
Well, if he likes his meat cooked and does okay like that, then that's got to be better than feeding him food you aren't sure about. Maybe just give him that and like you said little by little cut the cooking time.

I can't believe what those people said to you. So your dog should starve until he's so hungry he'll eat anything?

You should have said to them "Well if you don't like something and it's fed t you do you starve until you can't take it anymore and eat it?"

That's just insane troll logic!
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