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nose bleeds/running

I would like to srat by saying to all of you who have lost your family members.
I have read all these stories and have been brought to tears like many of you. My 9 year old husky, Missy, started with nose bleeds back in March. It was not bad nose bleeds, it was more of a runny nose but it was blood. We brought her to the vet and the tech said "be happy its not a shepard, they are likely to have nose cancer" and then proceeded to to tell me that it was probably cancer. I was heartbroken and at a loss of what to do. She had already been taking Benadryl due to the first visit to the vet but it was not helping. The vet gave me options of trying an antibiotic, xray w/biopsy or a catscan which was out because we couldnt afford it. I went home and talked to my husband about our options and we decided to go with the xray so we scheduled it for 2 days later. Well in that 2 days she got better, no more bleeding and the sneezing had slowed down and she was playing like a puppy again. So I brought her for teh xray but the vet said since she was doing better why put her through the sedation if she is getting better so he gave me an antibiotic. Well between then and now she has had some bleeding from the nose but it has never been bad. She is still very playful and eating well but has had some "runny noses" sometimes with blood sometimes no blood. In the past 2 weeks though we noticed a small lump on her upper nose, when I got home today I noticed it was bigger just from yesterday.
In so many ways it sounds so similar to cancer but I dont know, we are at a loss. We are selling our house, I am expecting our first baby and money is tight. I feel SOOOO guilty but cant afford to spend so much $$ and find out there is nothing that can be done. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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