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OOOOOhhhh!! glad this was brought up. I've been training Scottie halt/sit/stay and just started come, and want to start obedience training but a little leary since Roxie(past) did well but had a bad experience. We couldn't find anything close at the time and this guy was quite good but there was a loud/alpha dog there at the time and I've always wondered if his consistent barking(3 classes he came) contributed to Roxie being so excitable with every dog she encountered. Especially if I was around! If I wasn't around not too bad and she actually was fine once she met others and was aloud to socialize with but she always had to be "up front" protective but not aggressive hard to explain. I'm sure if provoked she would have stood her ground.
Scottie likes every dog he meets so far and there is this huge Bouvier which we see beyond a fence every night we go for a walk he is loud! But I love going by there as he is getting used to him. Now he'll go to the fence and stay there doesn't want to move while the Bouvier barks a few times and tries to get close, Scottie wags his tail and moans, kind of. I talk really quiet to the other dog and he calms I think looking forward to our nightly visit. Sorry didn't mean to go on, It's just so much fun.
Anyone in the Windsor area have anyone they recommend? for the obedience training i mean.
Thanks Sue
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