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Thanks Frenchy and chico2 I appreciate the advice and the good wishes. Believe it or not those are the same pics that were on my website just appear larger here. Also Pepper doesn't seem to know it is there as she is now feeling better from her shock of having me fall on her last week and jumped up on the kitchen counter today to check out the food that was being prepared. It amazes me how active she is especially where food and treats are concerned.

My vet is off for the long weekend and I will have to talk to her before getting a referral to a surgeon. I expect she will want her fully recovered from the shock of last week, before sending her to a surgeon, so it may be awhile before we go. Pepper is scheduled to see her in 3 weeks and unless there is a drastic change in her condition I probably won't take her in early. My thinking is that it took 2 years for it to get this big, it probably won't increase too much in the next 3 weeks. Right now she is still a little stiff at times, and as soon as I stand up she gets up and moves away so she is still afraid that I will fall on her again.

I am anxious to discuss what Dr Lee said with my vet, but I don't want to scare poor Pepper any more than she is at the moment. She allowed me to take the pictures you see very reluctantly and that is why her eyes are drooping so much. When she is smiling, you don't see the droop, but when she is scared or sad they look very bad.

I appreciate the fact that you all will be here to support us through the hard times and that is more than I can ask. I will keep you posted on what is happening. I hope I am able to return the favour sometime though I don't wish any health problems on any of your families
Thanks for your prayers!
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