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Originally Posted by London View Post
We are still talking about whether we should look into it or not. If UTI's are going to be a reoccurring thing then we definately want to get insurance as the $300 per visit will quickly add up.

On another note, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that we get everything sorted out and her on a proper medication asap! I can look in her eyes and see that she is just so worn out. :sad: Not to mention it has gotten where she dribbles on her way outside or to the potty pad when she has to go to the bathroom (which is literally every 2 minutes) because she just can't hold it in.
They will ask you for medical records and most won't cover pre-existing conditions. So if you do decide you need to be clear on what they will cover and your pup's past health. Many people insurance company's won't cover pre-existing conditions for 12-24 months depending on the carrier and pet insurance companies are similar in that.

Were you able to talk to your vet about giving her cranberry juice? I just can't imagine what it could be if not a UTI. When are you taking her new sample to them?
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