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Thanks for your caring thoughts chico2 and yes it is huge and getting bigger all the time. I have considered making her a sling to hold it up.

Thanks Dr Lee, I appreciate you easing my worries. I actually didn't think it was in her armpit because she can walk normally and jumps up on her hind legs to get to food on the counter, so far anyway. If it was in her armpit I would expect her to only be able to walk on 3 legs and certainly not able to stand on her hind legs.

I expect my vet is concerned because she does not have a laser as far as I know. When my last lovely lady needed surgery at the age of 12 1/2 she sent us to a specialist for laser surgery. I still think she may be reluctant just for that reason, and why she is so concerned about the bleeding. It is a very large mass as you can see and when it is removed it would be a very large area to control bleeding. (I was an RN before I retired so I'm well aware of the possiblity for bleeding). I know if I ask her to send us to a surgeon, she will do it but she also recognizes the costs involved and knows I am on a fixed income. (she's always looking out for me as well as my pets )

I intend to give her all the information you have given me and the links to this and the other discussion here on Giant Lipoma's and see what she thinks. She is familiar with Lipomas but has not removed one larger than a grapefruit.

Thank-you again, please give your doggies a hug for me
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