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Nice to meet you Love4himmies Yes Dr Lee is just fabulous! I never expected to hear from the experts when I posted

Dr Lee I said I would upload more pictures today but for some reason the card I saved the pictures on was damaged when I went to upload them. I will try to take some more if you think they would help you in any way, but it appears to me from what you said that you don't really need any more pictures. My only question now would be if there is a possiblity it is in her armpit.

As I said she came to me when she was 9 years old through a shelter, but I did get her directly from the family who had her since birth. For some reason her tail was never docked and her eyes droop and my vet tells me these are usually fixed/done shortly after birth. I know that she was adopted from an unknown breeder by the wife who died shortly after Pepper came to live with them and this may be the reason. Otherwise her health is good and the only medication she is on is UbaVet which is a glucosamine mixture I get from my vet and the Previcox at the moment. She does have a lot of ear infections, but my vet says this is normal for a Springer.

I really appreciate all the help you have given me above you are an

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