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Thank-you so much! I took some more pictures tonight when she was lying on her side. They show more of the location and size of the Lipoma and when I was trying to feel her armpit I found it difficult to get my hand between the mass and her arm. Usually when she is feeling fine she rolls on her back but right now she isn't doing that. If I remember correctly from the last time she was on her back (I wasn't looking for the location of the mass at the time) her arm appears to be beside the mass but it is hard to tell if it might originate in her armpit. However, it would have to be small because she walks normally even with the huge mass. I will add the pictures to my website tomorrow as it is late here and I am sure you have signed off for the night.

The Canadian Veterinary College is about 100 miles from me and I know there are surgeons closer because my previous dog had several surgeries of different kinds including one laser surgery, before she passed away at 14 1/2. My vet has offered to send Pepper for a surgical consult because I know she doesn't have a laser in her practice and this may be why she is apprehensive about the bleeding.

Thanks again I will upload the rest of the pictures tomorrow and would appreciate any feedback if you have time to review them. I appreciate all of the help you have given me already, it is wonderful!
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