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Thank-you Dr Lee, unfortunately I haven't got an IM program active at the moment and it would take me longer to install and get it ready to use than posting them on my website. I posted them here:
Pepper and hope they are enough for you to see.

She was not at all co-operative because she is trying to avoid me when I am standing because of my fall on her and every time I went to take a picture she got up and walked away or just gave me dirty looks. She wouldn't stay standing long enough to take one of her standing but maybe I can get more later.

I think you can probably save the pictures I took to your hard drive so that you can study them.
I really appreciate this, you have no idea how much!

thanks again

BTW I think the reason I can't post them by attachment is the restriction because I am new here. Maybe soon I will be able to use it after more posts.
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