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Thanks so much for answering Dr Lee. I found that post you refer to and was very interested in your response to it - that is actually the reason I decided to finally join and ask about it.
The link to the other post you mentioned is:
and from the pics I see there the last picture at the bottom is almost identical to the position of the mass in January of this year and it now has dropped down so that the top of it is about 4 inches lower exposing a normal curve from her spine. It is growing quite rapidly now but my vet saw her yesterday and felt that it was still all lipoma.
If I was able to post some pics I would take them and post them but I think at present because I am new I can't post attachments. I will see about taking a few and posting them on my website with a link to them.
Unfortunately at the moment Pepper is suffering from an injury that occurred last Sunday when I fell on her and may not be too co-operative with pictures being taken. However, I will find a way to post some.
thanks again!!
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