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Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post

I'll re-visit the raw store and get some better info on them about the percentages in their foods... now that you've mentioned it, most of their packages have quite a bit of veggy in them. So, you feed your dogs mostly meat then - meat and organs? If you don't feed much veg or bone, is that all that's left? I suppose they get most of what they need that way anyway, don't they, as long as you vary meat sources a bit?
Specifically what they eat is Nature's Variety raw which has bone (my guess, comparing it to other foods is about 20%, but they won't say) and 5% veggies. To that I add a bit more muscle meat, a bit more organs, occasional eggs and supplements, so they do get bone and a bit of veggie, just less so than they would if they were eating 100% pre-made raw.

Tommy may not have a problem with this at all, I just thought I'd mention it since Streets seems to have a limit of how much bone he can digest before he either pukes it up or passes it in such bone filled stool that it irritates the other end

He also can't deal with bones from bigger animals. Chickens and turkeys are fine, but I tried bison patties at one point and that led to disasterous puking.

ETA: On the bone topic, I actually recently spoke to yet another naturopath who thought at first that I fed only pre-made raw and the first thing she mentioned was that a lot of them have far too much bone and that may be adding to the problem, so it seems like I'm maybe not the only person ever to have noticed this.

.......and one last unrelated thing, when Streets starts to get nauseous, Rescue Remedy often helps. I don't know why it works, but it seems to in the less sever cases, so it might be worth a try.

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