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Pitgrrl, thank you soooooooo much for all of the information! I hate the thought of anybody going through the same stuff I go through with Tommy, but you're an absolute angel for sharing your experiences and knowledge so much.

Isn't it so frustrating dealing with the bile vomiting? Virtually everything else has some kind of treatment that works... and Tommy no longer vomits any food... but the darn bile just doesn't seem to respond to much. I just worry that vomiting bile on a fairly regular basis is going to have some kind of impact on his health in the future... he might not have any disease they can find, but the simple act of vomiting might cause damage in the long run.

I think I'll call the holistic vet tomorrow and at least see what we can do. I've spent so much money on this, what's one more vet visit? Perhaps we can get a better grip on some herbal supplements to try, see if we can tweak things a bit more like you have.

I'll re-visit the raw store and get some better info on them about the percentages in their foods... now that you've mentioned it, most of their packages have quite a bit of veggy in them. So, you feed your dogs mostly meat then - meat and organs? If you don't feed much veg or bone, is that all that's left? I suppose they get most of what they need that way anyway, don't they, as long as you vary meat sources a bit? I've done so much reading on this stuff but quite honestly, for everything one source says, there are always a few sources saying something else. So basically what I'd be looking for then is more just the meat packages that some companies do, and then adding my own other stuff to it, right? It seems so overwhelming, but I'll get the hang of whatever I have to in order to help this little fuzzbutt get better!
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