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Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post
Thanks, Pitgrrl... it actually hadn't occurred to me that not all raw would be the same. Our dogs do seem to have similar issues, just that mine expresses it out the front end and yours seem to prefer the back end, LOL - so I'm going to look into the bone percentages a bit more closely.
Streets actually has both going on. The poop we've got under control for the most part, with the exception of the weird "spring cleaning" as we've begun to refer to it, but the extreme acid reflux (for lack of a better term) and vomiting of bile has proven a bit harder to tackle.

If you're going to use pre-made raw, pay attention to the ingredients. Some use a huge amount of veggies, most, if not all have a lot of bone, etc. None of this might matter to your average dog, but it could make all the difference for Tommy. My experience is that little to no veggies or dairy and about 10% bone works best, but each dog is different.

Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post
I took Tommy off the antacids a few weeks ago - they helped, but didn't totally stop the vomit, and I just can't see putting a 20 month old dog on chemicals for life that don't actually solve the problem anyway. I didn't realize that they could actually make it worse - thank you for pointing that out!
On the recommendation of a holistic vet I actually started using a supplement called Zymex from Standard Process which helps to rebalance to ph of the gut. It's helped quite a bit, but it's a huge pain to get in Canada.
I'm trying to find alternatives that are more easily available. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post
We use digestive enzymes, it's one of the few things that's ever made a difference for us, but I wonder if they're strong enough? Is there a brand that you recommend? I give him Prozyme, along with a dose of human acidophilus + bifidus probiotics.
I use human ones. We were using one from Standard Process, but for the reason I explained above I've now switched to Organix Multi-Spectrum enzymes which seem to be doing a good job so far. Since we give another supplement which contain pancreatin I wasn't too concerned with having it in the enzyme, but I know it's recommended that you find one which does contain this. I've had NOW brand enzymes recommended and I believe the Life brand (pharmaprix/shppers brand essentially) contains this as well.

Originally Posted by Tommysmom View Post
Have you consulted with a homeopathic vet? I finally found a holistic vet here, but I'm a wee bit reluctant to call... their website has lots of really, REALLY alternative type stuff (animal communicators, magnetic forces type of stuff) that is a bit further out there than I think I believe. I might still call to see if I can get a consult for diet and herbal remedies, etc. Apparently they're also trained in traditional chinese medicine. I guess I'd just have to kind of make it clear how far I'm willing to go - traditional chinese medicine, yes... herbs/roots/etc, yes... acupuncture/diet changes/supplements, yes... communicating telepathically with my pet, umm, that would be a no.
I did have Streets under the care of a nutritionist/homeopath/naturopath and she helped a ton before she retired. I then consulted with a classical homeopathic vet, but after much discussion I decided not to pursue homeopathic treatment further (the details of which I will spare you unless you're interested in a whole blah, blah, blah about constitutional prescribing and the manner in which disease expresses itself as explained within the context of homeopathy), but he did make some helpful suggestions about supplements.

I would kill to find a vet in Montreal who practices TCM, so if it were me, I'd go for it if you have the resources available.
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