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Since we seem to have dogs with similar issues, perhaps the things I've figured out for Streets might be of help with Tommy too.

In my experience pre-made raw is often pretty bone heavy. I've never gotten an actual % from Nature's Variety, but other producers I've spoken to tend to use anywhere from 20-40% bone in their formulas. If one were to follow a prey model diet the recommended target amount is closer to 10% bone.

The up shot of this is that if a dog has a wonky stomach they may have trouble with a really bone heavy food. I use 50% pre-made raw and 50% muscle meats, organs and eggs (w/ground shell). This works much better for my two.

The other thing is that, although this seems totally counter intuitive, often the stomach needs to be more acidic, not less, which means that antacids are actually perpetuating a horrible cycle. Ditch them, especially if they're not really helping (which they didn't with Streets either).

ETA: One last thing, I've noticed that switching meat types can sometimes trigger stomach unease, but you also want to be feeding as much variety as possible. The best balance I've come up with it to feed one of two things for a while, like chicken and turkey, then move to chicken and bison for a week or two, then turkey or duck, then back to chicken to that the variety comes over weeks, not days.

Finally, in case you're not already doing this, a digestive enzyme can be really helpful. I'm not sure what the dose would be for Tommy, but we use about 1/2 the human dose for Basil and Streets who are 60 and 50lbs respectively.

I hope you can get him to eat the raw, switching has done nothing but good things for Streets.

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