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Marley & Me

It first caught my attention when it was published because our lab was then a puppy just like the cover pic right down to the red harness. I was told it was a good read and loaned it from the public library. Big mistake for a slow reader. I was staying up the night to read the last chapter when the book was due. It was hard to read through watery eyes. (No, I am not crying, I'm a male homo sapien speices. Just allergies, LOL)

It now comes out with paperback on sale at Costco. I picked up one from DW's mother's day present. DW was not a dog person. She claims she just baby(dog)-sits, cooks goodies & wrestles with the dog once in a while when I am too busy to exercise the dog. The dog knows to butter her up by giving lots of hugs & kisses and wakes her every morning before waking me. You see, he knows the routine breakfast before walks. And who the boss is in the house.
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