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I went to the site, to see if maybe it's something I can guy here, but it's only sold up in Canada. But I saw this:

“PAWS-itively Complete” is our line of premium daily meals available frozen in , 1 and2 containers. Selected items packed in 5lb bags. Just thaw and serve.

Muscle Meat and Bone
Each variety is prepared with one of the following Ground: Chicken, Turkey, Pork, Beef, Duck, Salmon, Rabbit and Herring (when available). (All of the above contain ground bone as an additional source of calcium).

Fresh Vegetables
PAWS-itively Raw Foods blends a small proportion of a variety of leafy green vegetables as a natural source of many essential nutrients.

Organ Meat
PAWS-ititvely Raw Foods selects only organs that provide essential nutritional value and includes them in careful proportions approximating what a carnivore would consume in the wild.


If this is what you have maybe it does have veggies and what it has is enough calcium for them until you feel more comfortable with the bones. Or maybe there is a supplement you can get from the vet
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