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Right now I only have 7 up. I had 11 or so but I took some down and traded for bigger tanks. When my husband gets back from work I'm gonna trade one of our 125g (it has an arowana, bullhead catfish and red devil cichlid in it) for a 220g since the owner of the pet store we frequent can't get the bigger tank out of his store. I guess he figures he can sell our 125 which is almost brand new easier than the 220 (it's been sitting there for months now) which no one has room for and we'll pay the rest eventually since he trusts us.

Anyway, right now I have up two 90g tanks (one saltwater), two 125g tanks (one has the loaches in it), a 65g, 29g and 20 long.

I have some pics of the loaches in this thread

Bird? Any thoughts on cichlids vs. tropicals?
If you have a clown then yeah, he honestly should be with others. They're a shoaling fish, they're really not as comfortable alone. And yeah, they can get big, up to a foot long (sometimes more supposedly) but they grow slow. Eventually even a 65g is too small since they should be in groups. Think 125g and up.

But yeah if you're gonna transfer your clown to that other tank you might wanna go with something other than the cichlids. Gouramis would be a good choice.

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