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Originally Posted by danaekitty View Post
Ever had to euthanize one? I probably should have euthanized my blue tetra but simply couldn't bring myself to do it.
Nope. I usually try to give them a chance as long as possible since I've had a few miraculously recover when they seemingly should have died.

never got a pleco because i knew how much went into them before i had a tank large enough. *grin* my dream tank is a 150-200g with a pair of scarlet (ugly buggers arent they) plecos(L025), 6 discus, 20 or so oto cats or goby plecos(LDA25).... a dozen or so cory cats (not sure which yet) and 30 or so dither fish.
I don't think scarlets are ugly, I think they're one of the best looking ones. We had the chance to buy a very large one awhile back but decided we didn't need another big messy carnivore in our tank, plus it was ridiculously expensive (worth it if you're into plecos, but there were other fish we wanted).

I've never seen those little Botia kubotai loaches in person before, if I had I probably would have bought some since I'm collecting loaches . I do have some Botia striatas and a couple of yoyo loaches though, and of course my 11clown loaches. They did always remind me of dolphins too. It's funny how they go around "sniffing" other fish, and the other fish always seem to get kind of uncomfortable because I guess they don't know what they're doing lol. They have to smell and taste everything in case there's food, even other fish.
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