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Originally Posted by chocolatecoffee View Post
Agreed. I couldn't believe when they left Marley in a kennel when he was sick, throughout the book it didn't seem like they really cared about him as much as I'd thought. I did find it well-written, but I wasn't terribly thrilled about the content, especially after all the good reviews I had read about it.
i agree that i disagreed with marley's owner on a number of occasions but it didnt take away from marley's antics to me, simply because i know quite a few lab owners who made the effort that marley's owner didnt (and who would never leave their animals alone when they're sick) who still ended up with a "wild strain of lab". it's amusing to see all of their antics combined into one dog!

and i agree with whoever said that not all dog owners feel the same about their pets as we do on here.. a lot of people love their pets but see them as something less than us. its sad but true. my father is one of them, and watching him and my dog has lead me to believe that part of the problem is that the dog has basically trained my father - which my father realizes but doesnt want to put forth the effort to change, so he "puts things back in order" by stating "i'm not spending that much on a dog!" "he's just a dog!" etc.
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