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Well, Tommy refuses to eat the raw I got. Any tricks to help get him started? I withheld his regular food to ensure he was good and hungry, and he'll lick some off my hand, but he's totally not interested. I can't simply not give him anything tonight, since not eating causes worse tummy issues for him, but I'll give it one more try with the raw before I cave and give him his Orijen. I've simply offered the raw repeatedly today, and removed it when he doesn't eat and offered it again later. He sniffs, he licks, he walks away - not interested in any way, shape or form. I've warmed it slightly but he doesn't care.

If he continues to refuse, should I consider trying a different protein? He adores real pork and lamb (and anything covered in bbq sauce) so should I try one of those instead? Or is there something in a different type of pre-made raw rather than the patties, in case it's the texture he doesn't like?

In the past, if we've put down a plate of leftover bbq'd pork or something, he'd either eat it or not depending on whether he was hungry... but he would NEVER choose his kibble over the cooked meat. With this raw, he seems to really prefer his kibble, he actually went and found a few pieces that had fallen under the edge of the couch to eat. Is it just possible that this particular brand/flavour just isn't tasty enough for him?
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