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from In The Raw Pet Food my raw food store

What can you expect during the switch & for the first few weeks & months.

SOME, NOT ALL pets can experience *NUTRITIONAL DETOXIFICATION*. Detox happens when the nutrients going into the body are of vastly superior quality than what was previously being fed. The body is literally throwing out the built up poisons and toxins to make way for healthy new tissue. Don’t worry, all is well the body is curing or healing itself. Sometimes there can also be levels of detoxification depending on the overall state of your pet’s immune system when they began on the raw diet. You could notice a few signs and then none and then a few weeks or months later you could see other signs or symptoms. Learn to really” look” at and analyze your pet, some signs can be subtle. Some people keep a journal or diary.

*Some signs of detoxification:
*Runny/weepy eyes
*Itchy skin
*Excess waxy build up in the ears
*Oily coat
*Loose or mucous stools
*Sausage like casing on the stools
*Body Odor
*Bad breath

If your pet has trouble coping with the natural detoxification process, you can aid them by supplementing some Acidophilus, Aloe Vera, Bee Pollen, Garlic or some pureed Pumpkin to name a few.*Pumpkin is Mother Nature's natural fiber, it helps to regulate the bowel function.

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I would say considering Tommy's tummy issues if he's going to have any detox symptoms they would be apparent after a couple of days but still within the first 2 weeks. If it is "not agreeing" with him it I would think it would show the first day.

Duffy only ever had a little casing on the stool, started 2 days after she started raw & only lasted a couple of days.
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