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Ok, we're sorta starting raw...

I've had it - almost $15,000 worth of vet bills for a 20 month old dog, and we still have no diagnosis and still intermittent vomiting. So, I went today and spoke to some very knowledgeable people about diet. Tommy is sooooooooooo much better than he was, but we're still on the vomit cycle, a few weeks good and then a few days of vomit and that simply cannot be healthy for him long term. Antacids haven't stopped it, they simply cut it back a bit, and I'm tired of seeing my dog be queasy all the time. Since medicine isn't working we're exploring diet alternatives a bit more.

They gave me a couple of sample raw medallions to try (along with a ton of literature, and massive amounts of support!). I've got slippery elm, too, and we'll be continuing his digestive enzymes and probiotics.

The hardest part is going to be getting him to eat it, but once we leap that hurdle is there anything I should be looking out for? Any advice? I figured the medallions were the easiest way to go, if it turns out that raw is better for him then we'll have to look at making it ourselves since I can't justify spending that much money for what amounts to pureed groceries, lol. But it's an easy way to start.

Is there really a 'detox' period like they warned me about? If so, at what point should I start to worry that it's not detox but just not agreeing with him?

that this is maybe part of the solution... because it just breaks my heart to see him smack his lips all night and puke daily like he has this week. He's fine, he's healthier than he ever has been, and he's not losing weight - but I can't sit back and let him be like this for the next 15 years or so without trying something else!
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