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LOL yeah want4rain I used to touch things by mistake and then eat a sandwhich nasty stuff!! I think bunduk has no taste buds He licks it off my fingers
  • With the crittercord/chewsafe there is no taste transfer
  • Quite flexible, enough for it to up and around/behind all the computer accessories and fit into back of pc - no probs. Chewsafe is better than crittercord in terms of felxibility.
  • Very easy to use. Basically the slit runs all way through the tube. The best way I can describe it is reverse pea shucking (sp?). You put the top of the wire in the slot and then push it in running your finger all the way down the slot. It's quick. I dunno if that explanation made any sense
  • Nobody else notices the smell after about a week. The smell it gives off fades but the taste remains. I know cuz i bit into it to check

Your welcome

I can take more pictures of u like? Maybe showing u the slit ?
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