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Just like humans, animals have their funny habits. My half-siamese waits until I am sitting up and watching T.V. she comes up and always sits on my right shoulder. She also sleeps on my pillow during the day and follows me around when she is not sleeping. We are "attached at the hip" and I have a nick-name for her "pest". She only does this with me. My foster cat sits on the sofa and makes a strange tent with the drape, wrapping it around him. It really is hilarious! Another cat that I had many years ago used to wiggle her bum and then run and attack feet. As for food I only feed them what the vet recommends. My tortie is on a diet and gets Hill's Prescription diet W/D, half -siamese is a very picky eater and only likes Hill's Nature's best and I also give them Hill's dental care. My foster likes everything.
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