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Each dog is an individual, so whether you're calculating the amount yourself, or using the NV feeding guide, it's only a starting point. Some dog's eat 1.5% daily and maintain a perfect weight, my two need to eat closer to 3% (they're diet is about 50% NV frozen raw and 50% just straight DIY raw) and will start to loose weight quickly if fed less.

So, my point is start at 2%, for example, and adjust according to how your dog is doing.

Obviously you don't want your dog dropping weight too quickly, but my experience is that once I switched my dogs to raw food the perpetually chunky one (even with 5 miles a day of brisk walking and tiny amounts of kibble) leaned out with little effort and has stayed that way, and he's eating a lot everyday, as I mentioned above. Again though, every dog is an individual, so start in the middle, keep track of his weight and adjust accordingly.
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