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CritterCord vs Chewsafe (cord protectors)

Finally getting around to this review! As you all know, I have one master chewer cat, bunduk who will eat thru any wire and is not deterred by bitter apple/ bitter yuck.

On reccomendation of rainbow () I bought chewsafe from Before I bought those I also bought crittercord from Essentially they are the same product - clear plastic tubing infused with a bitter taste to prevent chewing. It is quite thick too, so even if your pet is not deterred by taste I'm pretty sure they won't chew through it. Chewsafe is canadian while critterord is an american product.

They both work wonderfully and any wire properly covered with crittercord/chewsafe has not been chewed through. It is also quite asthetically pleasing. I would have to reccomend chewsafe over crittercord though for a few reasons:

A) Chewsafe comes in much bigger rolls. This means long wires can be done continuously with no gaps - believe me if you have a power chewer u do not want those. Bunduk found one and ate right thru

B) The tubing is a little thinner and thus more malleable and thus easier to use/bend in places.

C) The infused smell is not so toxic. When you open the shipping package of either product it will assault your senses. Kind of gives you a headache but the crittercord even more so. Especially in small rooms with lots of wires (like my computer room) it can be just too much at first. Though the smell eventually fades, I felt the cittercord was just overkill.

So there u have it paws for the product concept overall but chewsafe getting 5's for performance while crittercord gets 4.

Editted to add this picture, showing crittercord on a phone wire. I also forgot to mention that the tubing has a slit in it so that you can put the wires through. Also, you can fit about 3 thin wires in the same tube comfortably.


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