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thanks for the update 14+kitties

I actually wanted to update too

Right now im doing a mix of pine fresh and swheat scoop and if pine fresh on its own (when i finish what ihave of swheat scoop) is not satisfactory to me I will definately stick with the mixture!


A) Pine fresh is waaaay cheaper than swheat scoop - comparable to clumping clay litter

B) U know how with swheat scoop the clumps are kinda gummy/not so solid/stick to the bottom/sides of the box like cement? Well with the mix of pine fresh in there this problem is no more!! Nothing sticks! All of the waste is solid fast. Even if you scoop swheat scoop regularly so that nothing becomes cement-like, if they are massive diggers and pee near the bottom it gets kinda gummy when ure scooping it out fresh...again no more.

C) It doesnt smell too piney at all, especially if mixed in w swheat scoop.

If anything at all I reccomend swheat scoop users to try mixing in even 25% pine fresh with swheat scoop to cut down on costs and improve litter quality It's a win-win really. My cats are none the wiser.
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