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Well, I've looked for baby fish a few times and haven't spotted any yet. That doesn't mean there aren't any there though. Big pond with lots of hiding places. I only saw both my tiny butterfly koi last evening for the first time since I put them in the pond. They're growing and with growth comes bravery. I hope they start swimming with the bigger fish all the time soon.

I've decided on names finally. Now that I know they're all still there and doing well.
Going with the Archie theme like I had done with some before.

The big gold male is Moose. The female showa is Midge. The Sanke with the red smudge on his head is Archie. The black and white is Reggie. The gin rin tancho is jughead. The yellow and white butterfly is Betty. The pure white butterfly is Veronica.
Hopefully I'll be able to get more pics of them soon.

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