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Originally Posted by aalto6 View Post
Beautyfull kois.
Could I ask you where you got them. I have two large ponds but had an accidental contamination last year and all my kois died.
I am looking to replace them.
I'm sorry you lost your fish.
I got mine at at Humber Nurseries, which is a long way from where you are. I wasn't looking for high quality show fish, I just wanted mutts. Beautiful enough for me but a little easier on the wallet. Still cost me over $500.00 for 7.
If you're looking for good quality koi that can be shipped to you, you could go to Canadian Koi and Pond. They have a website, have high, low and medium end koi and have very good quarantine and keeping practices. They're in Newcastle ontario, but they ship.
You could find some websites for koi clubs in Ottawa and they may be able to direct you to a reliable source for fish as well.

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