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Originally posted by Judie
It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, and I have to be honest - it makes me not want to keep him.

The first time I caught my silly little puppy with feces hanging out of his mouth I must admit it threw me for a loop. It took a lot of immediate positive self-talk to realize he doesn't know he's doing anything wrong, and more importantly he's not trying to do anything on purpose to upset me.

Dogs do lots of things that are "distgusting" in the human world, but you've got to remember they live in a dog world. The rules in their little puppy brains are different from our rules.

As gross as my experience was, I could never get mad at my little pocket beagle for his "bizarre" habit (which isn't all that rare). Whenever it happens it is my fault for letting it happen! My silly pup doesn't know any better, and it's up to me as the person who committed to helping the little guy grow up to guide him through right and wrong.

Don't be angry with your baby! Just help him learn not to do it.
Be nice to your pets. They're only human.
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