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Originally Posted by badger View Post
Time to buy yourself one of those compact composters, made of tough plastic (usually black or dark green).
Actually all you need if you want to do compost that way, is an old plastic trash bin. Cut out the bottom but keep the lid. To "turn" the compost, lift up the bin to let the stuff out, then put everything back in. A plain plastic trash bin will usually cost less than a named "composter" product.

Ideally you would want two or more of these containers. One to fill with new stuff, a second one for turning, or perhaps a third to keep completed compost in.

This year I'm going for the pallet version, with 3 or 4 bays. Still waiting on my pallets to be delivered. Pallets are free, but I'm paying a low income guy $2 each to get some for me so he can have a few extra bucks.

Like the British gardener Monty Don from Gardener's World says, if you paid for a gym membership, cancel it and get a compost pile.
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