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See if there are any gardeners near you that have compost bins/piles. They'll happily take the old dirt off you. Or make your own compost pile and put your kitchen scraps, lawn clipping, cardboard (like paper towel and tp rolls) and newspaper in it. Will save you some garbage to throw out and you get nice stuff to add back to your garden next year.

Scarlet runners will go everywhere - with vigor. Beware.

A lot of people forget about the vining version of Nasturtium. The flowers/seeds are edible and would be great in a salad. Plus they have a mixture of red/orange/yellow flowers.

You don't have to dig, technically. You can get a delivery of a giant pile of good soil and just make raised beds and plant on top.

Or start out by laying an extra thick mulch over the area you want to kill, then work at it next year.

For added support, install some cut tree poles (poplar is good) or bamboo. Make a type of wigwam/teepee for the beans/flowers to climb on. There are also cutesy decorative things at garden centers for climbing vines.

If you planted in old dirt, the plants may not be happy there. Supplement feed with seaweed concentrate/fish emulsion. The beans will fix nitrogen in the soil and so don't need much fertilizer. But morning glories are slightly heavy feeders.

If you have any amount of space whatsoever, try and plant some salad greens. Many mixtures out there are quite colorful in their own right and taste way better (and cheaper too) than the stuff at the store. Baby lettuce grown at home only takes about 28-30 days and you can do what's called "cut and come again." Give them a "haircut" and they will regrow 3-4 times.
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