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I went to Tarra (sp) and got the deepest planters I could find (about a foot deep). They are not the window type but are called "Deck Planters".

I have put them in planters because the back planter there in the picture is full of roots from trees that are just outside of the picture. I can't really dig that easily and last year could only get about 7 inches down.

That planter box in the picture is 20 years old and when we moved in was completely over grown. There are left over roots. I would really like to dig up the whole box and start new but there is no where to put the old dirt.

As for the stregth of the lattis, it itself is not that strong but we have polls that we put into the ground (about three - four feet) and the tie the lattis to it. I held up last year with the morning glories, but you are right, if I am aming for more vines this year we may have to add a little more reinforcement.

My boyfriend loves hummingbirds so that's why I was asking the question regarding them.
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