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I didn't know anything about these flowers when I purchased the seed packages (the morning glories however... I am using the seeds from last years vines).

I didn't know that the Scarlets made beans... I love beans.

Now I am super excited.

The cris-corss thingy is about 5 1/2 feet. As you can see the people behind us can look right into our patio. My other Half wanted to build a wood fence (to go with the gate he built last year) but I asked him to give me one more year to see if I can get this vine idea blooming.

I currently have these seeds in two long planter boxes in side my house right at the sliding glass door. I am hoping to give them a running start (so the weather and the animals don't get at them). I really want this plan to work.

Also - the package on the scarlets said they will atract humming birds, is this true?
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