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BARF Diet Newbie: How much Meaty Bones do I feed?

I recently adopted a 2 year old male Bichon Frise. He is sooo picky about kibble!! In searching for kibble that he might like, I read a lot of things about the bad stuff that gets put into most kibble.

So I found a great one called "Now!" from But he barely will eat kibble, so I started giving him Deli Fresh brand Chicken and vegetables meat during the day and "Now!" kibble at night. Then I read that Deli Fresh puts a synthetic vitamin K that can be toxic, so I don't want to give him that anymore.

Then after a lot of research I found that the BARF diet might work out well for him. Of course he LOVES meat, so he likes the taste but then I read a lot about BARF diets not having enough vitamins. So what I do is give him Nature's Variety frozen medallions during the day and "Now" kibble at night. So far it's working well. But, I wondered, with a BARF diet, how many meaty bones are you supposed to feed your dog each day? One? Or do you only give it to them once or twice a week? Is it going to add a lot of calories? Because I don't want him to gain weight.

The frozen medallions say to give him 4 a day for complete feeding, I do 2 a day and half the kibble he needs a day. But now, where do the raw meaty bones come in?

Please help. I want my doggie to be healthy. He's the first pet I ever had and I love him so much.

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