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Thanks Sugarcatmom, Rainbow and my Toronto neighbour Mastifflover.

The lists on the holistic site are unfortunately old - I called around Mastifflover and some of the Dr's on the list had moved. I also spoke to the holistic vet Dr. Buffett - he is not taking anymore new patients (which is a shame as he was doing house calls around Toronto - which meant no travel required Mastifflover).

Let's keep in touch - I will keep doing research on my end for holistic vets in our area too. There is a holistic person above Secord Animal Hospital and one in the East End on O'Connor Street - but I have no background or references on them. I will keep researching and update you also.

For the Toronto area folk - if you could provide your input on holistic vets and your experience/recommendations that would be truly appreciated. If I get insight I will also update the post.

Thanks Rainbow, Sugarcatmom and Mastifflover.

Regards, Junosmom
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