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Just 2 tidbits from me.......

One. I would listen carefully to sugarcatmom's recommendations re tweaking the recipie.

Two. Naturally, our cats will eat in the range of 12-20+ times a day...small meals each time. They are small cats, and small cats' systems work very differently from most other mammals, including large cats (lions/tigers). Just as small cats are "obligate carvivores", they are also "obligate grazers".

This was written by a Vet on another board:
"But if one isn't home or set up for frequent feeding, or believes that
cats are little lions, to let a cat go hours and hours without a meal
runs counter to the way their metabolism works. Certain metabolic
functions in cats occur in the *fed* state whereas in ourselves they
occur in the fasting state, overnight. That's why we call breakfast
"break fast", because we fasted all night. Cats don't, they eat."

So, given the above,
They get fed ample portions 2 times a day, occasionally a third... Their behavior, however, was a problem for me. They appeared to be constantly ravenous...
is it really any wonder that A is causing B?????????
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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