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At this point an x-ray film of the chest and an ultrasound scan of the heart is an excellent idea. You may need to see a specialist at a referral center or if you are close enough the teaching hospital of a veterinary school. Do this soon, do not delay. Diabetes can cause cardiac and pulmonary disease. You have already attempted cortisone therapy for allergic tracheobronchitis (commonly called 'feline asthma'), and while this is very effective for feline asthma, it is not effective for cardiomyopthy, restrictive cardiac disease, cardiac hypertrophy, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.

Infectious diseases are common with diabetes because the high blood sugar in poorly regulated diabetics is an excellent medium for bacterial growth. You have also used antibiotic therapy, and this may have helped however an anorectic, debilitated feline will need constant evaluation to ensure proper antibiotic treatment. High bacterial counts in the blood system have been known to destroy the valves of the heart and cause significant lung/chest disease. Theophylline and Lasix help certain lung and heart diseases, and do little or nothing for other types of heart/lung diseases. It is wise to have a firm diagnosis before instituting treatment. Treat the cause, not the symptom. Unfortunately, cancer is always a possibility, and the x-ray and ultrasound scans will rule this in or out.

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