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Question Interceptor vs Heartguard Plus - Answered by Dr. Lee

When I took flash in to the vet on Friday, I had them do a full blood workup as well as a heartworm test. The heartworm test was negative and his blood work was all normal. The vet I took him to only dispensed interceptor, but she would write me a prescription for heartguard plus. Teddee, my other doodle is on heartguard plus and I thought I wanted to keep Flash on the same product. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two are? My vet stated interceptor is safe for collies and they give the dog a higher dose in order to kill parasitic worms as well. I know the plus does that too. Would there be a benefit to keeping them on the same product, or does it matter. Any recommendations on which product may be better.

Thank you
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