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Huge Ripoff! (maybe...?)

Does anyone know what the piece of equipment is called that sticks to the inside of the tank, underwater, and is built solely to move the water around? It is shaped kind of like a pointy space shuttle, and it sucks water in the bottom and spits it out a small mouth on the top. If you have the mouth along the surface of the water, it aerates the tank quite nicely.

The reason I'm asking is that I bought a used 65g package from someone that included the tank, light, heater, filter, gravel, decos and this water cycler thingie. I paid a decent price for the whole setup, which I just put together yesterday. After putting the water in, everything was working fine, but when I woke up this morning, the water cycler thingie wasn't working, and I'm pretty mad becuase the filter that he sold me was really meant for a smaller tank, and the reason it worked so well is because he had that cycler.

So I'm trying to look it up online to see if I can get a price range on them. I bought the thing used, so I don't have a warranty or anything, but I don't even know what the unit is called! It's an Elite unit, which I think is a division of Hagen. If anyone has one of these or knows anything about their motors, how to fix, price range, etc, that would really help me when I call this guy!!!
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