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Sweet MinPin in BC available for adoption

Little Miss Annie is a good example of why puppy mills should be illegal. Annie spent her life as a breeding dog and is now free and very happy to be so! She is now spayed, and safe from ever being bred again. Annie is healthy and very spunky and is loving life.

Annie is a small MinPin approx 8lbs and is red in color. She has cropped ears and a docked tail. She is approx 6-8 years old, it's hard to tell for sure as breeding takes so much out of them physically. She acts like she is a younging... She LOVES people and loves to cuddle in bed and on the couch. She is great in the car, and loves going for walks. She is fine with other dogs, but I am not sure about cats as we don't have any. She is very friendly but prefers if you don't disturb her while she has dinner. She is crate trained and likes her crate as long as it's filled with soft fleece blankets!

She is a good girl who is happy to be loved. She loves food and is really happy if you share a little yours! She is very well behaved and has wonderful manners. She is sneaky though and will search for holes in the fence like most MinPins! She shows no major ill affects from being in the mill and is starting to play with toys and I can guarantee she will make you smile and laugh, she is just a darling. She is generous with kisses too! Annie is being fostered in Richmond, BC and we will not ship this girl, local adoption only for her please.


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