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His name is Tommie.

Yes I've seen a vet in the last year. Because of his renal problems he sometimes gets a what we refer to as "renal dip". He then vomits almost continuously and has diarrhoea. We then go to the vet to get him some "water shots" to clear his blood.
I never mentioned this because I didn't think of it as a problem and I saw it as one of his goofy characteristics. But now that he's always coughing when he's purring I'm beginning to find it suspicious. But then again, he doesn't seem to be bothered by it...
He has had plastic surgery as well. I'm not kidding A long time ago he had this weird inflammation on his lower lip. It was al swollen and red. When the inflammation was over and the swelling was gone, he had this thing hanging from his lip. Just as if someone had punctured it and deflated it. It looked like a deflated ball or something. So the vet restored it as much as he could because it looked hideous.
But that's not what the thread was about, was it
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