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Cat coughs when purring

Hi everybody,

My male cat of 14 years old coughs when he starts to pur. It's been like this for a few years, but it's gotten worse the last few months. He now ALWAYS coughs when he starts to pur. And when he purs, he purs through his mouth. It doesn't seem to be very serious. He doesn't choke or give up any snot/slime or anything. I just feel so bad for him because he will pur even when I'm just in the kitchen and he's there too, thinking I'm going to give him food. And then he starts coughing almost instantly
He has renal insufficiency and is on benazepril. He doesn't get any special food because he won't eat it. He's a bit too fat (he is just over 12 pounds) and doesn't go outside. Overall he's just a big goof. Not the brightest cat I've ever seen and I think he's developing some kind of dementia because at night he will scream in the hallway like he's going to die, but when you go to him, there's nothing wrong. Also he's getting pretty deaf.
Anyway, my question is if this is something I should visit a vet for or is it just harmless? Are there more people here with this problem? I've searched the forum for messages and came across one topic about a purring cat that coughed, but it wasn't quite the same as my cat and it was an old topic and I didn't feel like bumping it.

PS: excuse me for any mistakes I made, I'm from the Netherlands, so forgive me
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