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my kitten kept biting me too, mostly it was just when i played with him though.
so i flicked his forehead like i would flick a coin to get it spinning on a table every time he bit me, just to show him who was boss... that is until i knocked the little guy unconscious...
just kidding people... so don't freak out all you animal lovers.
really though, a firm sounding "no biting" was the best way to stop him from his playful attack. obviously, i took my hand away from his face after i made sure he stopped bitting to prevent any further damage. to be honest, i think the combination of my forceful sounding voice, and the backing away from him (ending playtime), led him to understand that when he bit me, that would be the end of the fun. he clearly thought that sucked, so slowly but surely he began to fight his desire to chomp on my digits when we roughhoused.
i mean really? i'm no vet, but dude kittens play... biting, pouncing, and clawing is their way of playing (which, according to the folks at the discovery channel, in the wild gets them ready for hunting down their own grub later in life). if you can't handle that, you can't handle parenting a kitten. that's my opinion anyway.
my adderall has lead me to ramble. i apologize if you're still reading this.
oh, and by the way, flicking your kitten in the head is NOT a way to handle the biting issue. i really was kidding. i'm not kidding.
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