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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Melinda,you very obviously know what you are talking about,thank you..
I'ts just,I have a problem with the Wild Life people,a few years back,any wild baby they picked up had to be euthanized.:sad:
That was the reason a member here brought up the orphan Raccoon,she did not want the surviving baby-coon to be killed.
I seem to remember it was on an order from The Ministry of Natural Resources:sad:maybe that rule does not apply any more
you remember correctly Chico, all the foster homes "on record" were "visited" and raccoons, fox, skunks, you name it, were taken and euthanized. The ministry said it was all a health concern because of rabies, rubish!!!! They shut down our main rescue in Ottawa we were stationed behind the nortel building, Donna Dubrie (spelling?) headed the rescue, and mentored many of us. That is why we no longer call the ministry about orphans, the main threat of rabies has diminished over the past few years and rescues are popping up all over again, and actually have partial funding by the government.
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