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a squirrel builds two nests, one to give birth in, less than 24 hours after birthing, she will take each baby, one at a time and lay them at the base of the second nest tree, if she has 4 babies she makes 4 trips, once they are all at the bottom of the tree she will then proceed to take one at a time up to the nursery nest, it could be an hour between babies, or longer, the nests are within a 1/2 mile radius, so many people at this point see the baby(s) and think them abandoned. If you ever see this, please, don't touch them, if you are worried about them, stake out a place where you can sit for an hour or so and watch for the mom, we'd put these two in a cardboard "nest" nailed to the base of the tree with field grass for warmth to wait for the mom to return, when she didn't in 4 hours we took them in to "flush" them out with pedialite that you make for wild critters. (gets off of my soapbox, lesson/lecture over) sorry..its just that we get so many orphans this time of year. and so few foster homes, I've raised skunks, groundhogs, various birds and turtles......all released back into the wild.
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