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Hi, my 11 year old Sheltie has not been eating his dog food either over the last few weeks (not much anyway). He is on Innova and Orijen. He liked them both before, although he was never a big eater. He will eat treats and table food (if given), but not his dog food anymore. His activity level is the same - very active. He does not seem 'sick' or lethargic at all but I am worried. He is very small to begin with, only 13 Lbs! This is his normal adult weight, so I don't want him loose any. He has also been throwing up much more often than ever, maybe once a week. He is still drinking water. He has always been finicky with food, and he used to get seizures from certain brands of food too, so I am reluctant to change to new brands. I'm going to the vet in a few weeks for a check up, but am not sure if I should take him in earlier. I'll try not feeding him any human food or any treats and see if that does the trick.
Here's hoping.
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