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Originally Posted by Dr Lee View Post
It also brings up the idea of prevention. There are many tick products out on the market. I still am a big Frontline Plus fan. It is safe (it can be eaten without harm). It is waterproof and sunlight proof (many of the others remain topical and as such are diluted with bathing and degrated by UV light). It was also tested with repeated baths with soap lasting 15minutes and still have 100% efficacy at 30 days. Most importantly though, the manufacturer states that not one pet has been diagnosed with a tick borne disease while on this medication.
Great post, Dr Lee, but I'm sorry to say we have 8 here who have been diagnosed with anaplasmosis while being treated with Frontline Plus every 21 days It's good stuff, but it's not totally I don't believe everything the manufacturer states... It's possible to overwhelm any topical if you live in Tick Central!

But I agree with everything else you said...'cept maybe for eating it... I've accidentally kissed a dog on the Frontline Plus spot and picked up a mouthful of the stuff. It may be safe to eat, but I'd hate to be the guy who tested it!

I'm especially interested in the 11-DNA-test panel! Is that widely available to vets across the country? Who puts it out? Considering that we're already seeing 10 ticks a day, I'd like to be able to suggest it to our vets if they haven't already heard about it.
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