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Well,the big test will be tonight,I bought only one can of Natural Balance Ultra($1.39)unfortunately they only had large cans.One can of Eagle Pack also $1.39,the rest small Nutro cans and 2 cans of sardines.
Mine are totally opposite to yours Dahmer,they won't touch chunky stuff only pate and they'll eat only about a tbsp each.
I thought Fancy Feast was ok,since they eat so little of it,but lately they have snubbed it and it's gone to the crows(they're happy!!)
I am getting a little paranoid and upset when they don't eat,so I am full of suspense to see if they'll eat the new stuff
Knighty,I used to cook liver once a week for hubby,but i make it with tarragon and hot mustard,he loves it,but liver is loaded with bad cholesterol,so he gets it only twice a month ,,,,he's got to watch it.
I'll just have to hold my breath,when I cut up yucky Sardines
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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